Thursday, February 25, 2016


I stumbled upon Alexandrea Anissa lingerie the other day and I am so happy I did. Sizes range from xxs-2x, and special order to 5x. I mean that alone is amazing. 
The pieces are handcrafted in SF by the designer herself. So they may seem a bit pricey, but supporting a female run, gorgeous hand made line that creates pieces like this is something I will always do and definitely be saving my lunch money for. 
I'm always interested in the more artistic side of lingerie and I plan on starting a collection. 
I think the Mesh Crop Top and the Fawn Lace Bralette is where I will begin!

What do you think of the pieces!

Monday, February 22, 2016


For years now I have been wearing skirts as dresses, since it's hard to find dresses in the flowy or structured strapless style in my size. I'm between size 18-22 depending on fit and I usually like to wear things a bit on the looser side. Although I have to say that now I am embracing the body con as well. 

Awhile back I saw someone I follow on Instagram wearing a dress that looked just like the skirts I like to wear as dresses. It was so cute, bright red with pockets and tied in the back. The photo had a ton of comments so I assumed people were loving the look like I do. I was surprised to read so many girls saying they would never wear something that was so unflattering. I couldn't believe it, I read a few comments where girls sounded actually offended by such an "unflattering look." 

Sometimes it's so bizarre being plus size and being part of the conversation that comes with it. From everything I read and see on social media, girls are becoming more and more comfortable with their bodies, which is obviously a super exciting and wonderful thing. But fashion and what is acceptable to wear is still so far behind. Like this dress for instance. It's not body con at all, I remember one commenter being so upset that she referred to this dress as a tent and wondered why the designer would want to hide their body in such an over stated shape. 
I love fashion as a whole. I'm all for the crop top. I'm all for body con. I'm all for oversized and "unflattering". I guess because I'm all for fashion for anyone in whichever way you want to wear it or present yourself. I don't owe me, wearing something "flattering" to anyone. I mean seriously, what does that even mean? I just want to wear things that make me happy, even if they do add 10lbs to my look. 

I think a lot of girls use the word flattering as a acknowledgement of what they think the flaws of their bodies are. I was talking to a girl I had just met and we were on the subject of what to wear to weddings. She would be considered plus size and told me that she had found a shorter above the knee dress, but made it a point to tell me like three times that it was flattering on her. I couldn't get over the fact that she kept repeating the flattering bit. Why? 

I think it comes back to the conversation about space, and how society would like you to believe that women shouldn't take up space physically, vocally, emotionally etc. So wearing a dress that doesn't hug your body in anyway like the red one from this designer, but probably will make you look a little bigger, goes against what society wishes you to believe. The only thing that matters about what you wear is that you love it and are comfortable in it. That's it, I promise.

Flattering has been pushed onto us as what we owe the people around us who may look at us. I've heard girls use the word as a recognition of the flaws they think they're supposed to hide away from others. Or also like a 'stay in your lane' kinda way. Like, I know I'm size 20 and I'm gonna wear this thing, but don't worry it's totally flattering, you don't have to worry about me showing too much or my waist looking even bigger, or (god forbid) me thinking I'm too hot or whatever.

Fashion should be fun and there is no right way to dress, doesn't matter what size you are.
So just because a ton of girls love the body con, doesn't mean you can't love the "unflattering" dresses too. At least for me my main goal is to have fun and be comfortable in what I wear. And wear it for me and only for me, whether one day I look like a size 18 and the next like a size 22.

Would love to hear any and all thoughts on this!


Here's the dress and ARTICLE from the designer

Thursday, February 4, 2016


I've been watching a lot of British PBS mystery shows set around the 1950's/1960's lately, and oh my god the interior design. Grantchester and Endeavour are so worth watching if you like good, old school mysteries. 

The furniture and bold colors of the walls, floors, pretty much everything in some of the locations of  these shows interiors are amazing. 

I like the mid century modern super clean lines, but I love, love, love the grandiose of this era too. 

The house I grew up in had tons of wallpaper, but there was one bathroom thats walls and ceilings were covered with green vines and bright bold flowers. My Nana's house has a bathroom as well, that is covered too, walls and ceilings in green, peach and yellow huge flowers.

So, it's in my blood, I will have floral wallpaper at some point in my life. 


Wednesday, February 3, 2016


I love faux fur (and fur, no lecture thanks! I only own vintage fur that was handed down to me) so very much! It takes any outfit to the next level of dopness.
Here are some of the jackets I love. Along with the gorgeous accessories and heels.


Friday, January 22, 2016


2015. I can't believe it's over.  It was a big year. 
Left LA for NYC. 
Stopped doing hair. 
Started my plus size company Liebling and Burke. 
Lived with one BFF and her fam. 
Drove across country with another BFF. 
Started a body positive instagram page @ignoretheshould. 
Rachel and I got engaged. 
I mean so so so much happened in 2015. 
I totally neglected this little blog space of mine. 

With all of the change this year, I have at times felt a bit overwhelmed. Admitting that is pretty tough for me. I definitely am someone who is competitive and a no bullshit kinda attitude when it comes to working for something you want. I don't accept being overwhelmed very well. I get annoyed that I can't handle it all. 

That being said, I am now in NYC, "jobless" and working solely on Liebling and Burke and @ignoretheshould, and picking this blog up by its boot straps. Filling my days with Libeling and Burke and hunting for the new pieces for the shop has been exciting and frustrating. I really want to design, but with my budget thats not an option at this point. Sourcing clothes is something I will always do, but out of 1,000 shirts I may find 1 that I believe is good enough to offer the Liebling and Burke girl. Plus clothing is still really frustrating. I want to have the best pieces to offer girls. 

In Feb Rachel and I are traveling to Palm Springs for our friends wedding. I will get to see my friends who I miss dearly, and spend the weekend in Palm Springs. We will definitely be needing that by Feb since were expecting a massive snow storm to hit NYC tomorrow. 

Now I am off to the thrift store to search for an outfit to wear for the wedding.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

 Thank the universe for good friends! My bff JESS put this little get away together for us at The Ace in Palm Springs. It really is one of my favorite places to be. We hung out and swam and talked and had cocktails and swam some more. I love spending time with my close friends. I totally realize how lucky I am to have so many amazing women in my life, and I tell them so on a regular basis. I can't wait for our next trip!